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Newson's on the Quay


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Planning has always been suspect on the Island, unexplained decisions etc.   If Newsons is unsafe it should be dropped.   The owner has now done a flounce, and who can blame him, and it it up for resale as of today.   No doubt someone who has a face that fits will buy it and be granted permission to build a 6000 ft skyscraper with neon flashing lights and apartments to house 100 people, or something similar.   It has always been the case why change the habit of a lifetime.

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Some things are worth saving some things are not and at this moment of time this building is an eyesore.   It is unsafe so should be dropped, whatever replaces it should be designed with the harbour area in mind and this will be the sticking point as obviously viability to profitability enters the equation.     The Castle Mona is a great building with loads of history but it’s fate is looking grim it very much looks as if it being left to rot, now that is a shame.

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The business pages of LinkedIn are awash with negatives about doing business here and the folly of this decision. The commentators are CEO, managing director type of level.

How the hell they are going to grow the population with vibrant, economically active young people with decisions like this is beyond me. Government are bloody stupid !

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