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38 minutes ago, Boris Johnson said:

And  what actual  use  does that provide  you with other than  being an "Informed Crab"  FFS

I’d have thought it was obvious if you’re buying a house or a commercial property you can see what the current owner bought it for. Handy for negotiation and in this situation handy to know what Kel paid for the 3 or 4 buildings they’re now sat on. 

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45 minutes ago, Asthehills said:

I don’t see how it’s made any difference one way or another? Care to elaborate?

It's called political will. Where there's a means there's a way.

When you have your mouthpiece who spends most of their recent Island life berating everything the Isle of Man Government does where do you expect political will to try and overcome such issues?

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14 hours ago, NoTailT said:

I was thinking that but opted to say I'd forgotten save myself looking like an idiot.

I only remember it because the Douglas Motorboat & Sailing Club had it for a few years and spent ages refurbishing it, opening up the rooms and making the floors level. I think the back part was about half a storey different from the front. Because my father was a member  I used to get dragged down with him to help. 

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