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2 hours ago, Roxanne said:

You have more on when you’re away than I do when I’m home.😀

You're very security conscious. My guess is an ex copper with a lovely wife and a motor home! 


Not quite. Lovely wife is correct, but I live on a road with someone with a very similar name in the phone book, who is often involved after the coppers. 

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17 hours ago, The Old Git said:

My wife bought motorised curtain tracks for our lounge and dining room. Bit of a faff to set up but then I worked out it could save me 116.8 kilometres of curtain pulling during the rest of my life I got stuck in. 

We sometimes go away for three months in the winter so it’s handy to have curtains and table lights operating automatically based on sunset times to give the impression someone is home. 


Yes, we went for the curtain twitcher option. Random intervals but at least three times an hour. Even splashed out on the robotic eyeballs

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I’ve had the best day ever without that whining bitch playing me indiscriminate radio stations from Derby, playing Baa Bas Black Sheep on Spotify instead of Bombay Dub and just generally pissing me off.

And breathe…

Still not sorted the lights issue as yet but headtorches are all charged up and ready.

I have my simple life back. :)

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For lights just buy smart switches.  You only need a couple and can program the whole house from them, including your music.  Double tap for Manx Radio (if thats your thing)

For an easy curtain retrofit that isnt expensive google switchbot.  Perfect if you have someone in the house who insists on putting furniture in front of every window.

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