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Migrant Crisis?

Max Power

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7 minutes ago, The Voice of Reason said:

It may not be a “French problem” but for the love of God have some humanity man

Even the level of trolling on here has reached a new nadir.

They need no help at all to make themselves look ridiculous....

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6 minutes ago, manxman1980 said:

Maybe the solution to all this is to have Priti Patel patrol the beaches on the south coast to provide a welcome.  Undoubtedly news would quickly get around and people would decide that maybe England isn't all that appealing after all.

I find her weirdly sexy.   But then my 'politician' crushes generally ignore any political bias (Melania, Sarah Palin).

Probably not such a bad thing for the Home Secretary to have a scary headmistress vibe.


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