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Beginning of the end for Boris Johnson

Shake me up Judy

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25 minutes ago, ManxTaxPayer said:

Johnson has said that RT is "peddling" material that "is doing a lot of damage to the truth". WTF. My ironymeter has just exploded. 

BoJo is upset. RT gave Alex Salmond (another useful idiot) that plum job he always wanted i.e. TV clown.

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11 hours ago, Passing Time said:

wish he'd stop fucking nodding like an imbecile

Someone has told him to listen more and so he’s had to find a distraction while he’s doing it. 

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34 minutes ago, code99 said:

It’s not priceless it’s sad.

As someone who has left wing leanings I always used to take the Guardian which used to be a serious newspaper.

It seems to have lost all objectivity and comes across as well, just unreasonably biased as this article demonstrates.

It really pains me enormously to say it but I would rather take the Times or even the Telegraph for a more balanced view. 

The Guardian is now more propaganda than newspaper. The saddest thing of all is that there is now no daily paper to fill the void they have created, as the Independent is no longer in print

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1 hour ago, code99 said:

Absolutely bizarre. Extraordinary Twitter thread here from Carole Cadwalladr on the subject. I'm sure we used to refer to characters like some of those involved as traitors. What's that looking etc like a duck again? Amazing. If only a bit of it is true it's pretty fucking scary stuff. 


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