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Prison sentencing


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2 hours ago, WTF said:

 why the perps don't just name every person they have ever abused so they can get out of prison without fear of ending up back there because of 'NEW' cases is rather beyond me.

If he denied the charges in the 1990s he could hardly admit to others.

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6 hours ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

Not all of his victims came forward at the time. They probably still haven't. Monster is too weak a word for that one.

Correct. I know one of his victims, he said he never came forward because, and his words were, "they didn't believe me the first time I reported what was happening and now they want my co-operation and a statement! They can fuck off!" For his accusations he was chastised, mentally and physically, called a liar, and to top it all off, was put back into Knottfield with Marshall! I believe there were a few who also reported what was happening to them also, around the same time and they weren't believed either. Empowering the cunt even further.

It's easy to say they were different times but some victims of this kind of abuse become trapped in a sort of arrested development, for life in some cases. 

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3 hours ago, Gladys said:

Except this "rinse and repeat" has taken 30 years.

Yes, but there were other potential 'scandals' that never saw the light of day which pre-date Knottfield. One which took place at our local church, the outcome being, the offenders(s) were relocated back to Northern Ireland from where they originated. Still happens today if the ecumenicals feel they can get away with it.

I'll PM you later...

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10 hours ago, quilp said:

It's easy to say they were different times but some victims of this kind of abuse become trapped in a sort of arrested development, for life in some cases. 

It also has a knock-on effect to others in the victims' lives. I know this first hand. 

My mother was sexually abused by a family member from the age of ten to seventeen, beginning in 1937. As a result, she was a very volatile, disturbed individual. Growing up, my siblings and I thought it was our fault, as kids do. She made our, our father's, and step-fathers' lives hell. 

It was only when I told her I was getting married that she told me what she'd endured*. I was the first person she ever told, forty years after she was last abused. Suddenly her behaviour during my childhood made some sense. I still grapple with the after-effects to this day and I'm nearly sixty. My siblings do too. I'm the youngest, btw.

*An example of how she would consistently ruin any happy occasion. 


In my opinion, anyone convicted of sexually abusing children should be locked up for the rest of their lives. Screw the idea of letting them out and hoping they get sent down again if further offences come to light. One child's (and their family's) life ruined is one too many. The child doesn't get a second chance, why on earth should their abuser expect any mercy? They should rot in jail.

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