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Getting it wrong - again

Passing Time

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7 hours ago, ManxTaxPayer said:

You could visualise and feel it (incorrectly) in 2/4 but it's clearly in 4/4. I suppose at a push you can mentally impose an artificial 6/8 over it, but you still wouldn't feel that in triple time. And you would be wrong to do so. 

By jove I think you've cracked it! I listened only to the intro of that after searching 'funeral waltz'. Never heard it all the way through, as on that video version but listened again complete and well spotted on the "artificial 6/8" time, I think that's where I picked up on the 3/4 thing.

Spot on.

Drummers eh..? 😕

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22 hours ago, Ringy Rose said:

Of course holidays have been cancelled, you only have to look at the restrictions now in Holland, France or Ireland to see why. I wouldn't be travelling abroad right now because I wouldn't trust other countries to not pull the drawbridge up.

On the IOM, though, the messaging has been sensible. If people want to be spooked by media on the adjacent island, or listen to their imbecilic leaders (Drakeford in Wales being the worst), then what can you do?

That's not to say business shouldn't get help, but this isn't on IOMG.

So where is the help meant to come from? If nothing else IOMG should cut all the virtue signalling projects before borrowing more money to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

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22 hours ago, thommo2010 said:

I think over the past 2 years a lot of people have been conditioned to believe what they are told and the evidence so far is basically whatever the UK does we will follow soon on, the scaremongering over Omicron started then as was always going to happen it was discovered on the Island so the fact that it is everywhere on the news social media telling us of record cases etc then it is not a surprise people are panicking, over the past couple of years a lot of people seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves or that life in general is a risk. I heard 2 people talking this morning that they cancelled going to their work Christmas party as it was to risky. Now the Government may be acting sensibly with advice on this occasion but it's the last 2 years people have in their minds 

It's too risky becasue no-one wants to self-isolate for 10 days over holiday period with a positive test for something that might not even present symptoms. As most employers would insist staff take an LFT test before the gathering because they are being responsible/ass covering. Even if you lose your deposit, it is far cheaper than having half your staff self-isolating and presumably claiming sick-pay to comply with the government mandate.

Maybe we just stop testing altogether and just let healthcare deal with it like every other winter spike. In fact they are probabaly better prepared than they have ever been with multi-vaccinated staff and public, new oxygen plant and hygiene protocols and supplies in place.


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