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When a bus shelter isn't good enough (former shopkeeper kicks off down South)

Manx Bean

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3 hours ago, bonatti said:

And yet on Douglas prom, outside the Sefton cultural quarter, they have placed a sort of Victorian'ish looking bus shelter amongst all the modern Chinese granite and stainless steel LED lighting. 

It's almost like they haven't got a scooby doo.  

What do you mean 'almost'? 🤣

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I think the point most have overlooked is that the Victorian's didn't have buses as we know them. Maybe what our Tony means is some intricate small coaching house complete with a granite mounting block for any lady wishing to get on top of their mount in a lady-like manner and without showing their skirts. Oh, and with a small stack of straw bails outside the George to mop up the puke on a Saturday night.

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13 hours ago, A fool and his money..... said:

The ones they are fitting are just functional and fitting them in a conservation area is taking the piss. They should at the very least be of some architectural note. They could have been locally made and designed - perhaps by residents or school children.


Yeah, we don't want functional objects, this is Castletown. We want bespoke noteworthy architectural ones made by  amateurs and kids. Until Josem submits a freedom of info request and we're all annoyed about the cost. 

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12 hours ago, A fool and his money..... said:

Makes you wonder what grade stainless they used. Chinese A2 would be my guess 😀

Assuming they are stainless, they are most probably not 316, though all stainless needs a bit of cleaning and maintenance. I remember the rails at the Sound Cafe being in an awful state - IOM Gov motto 'buy shite buy twice'.

There are plenty of Bus Shelter manufacturers (Broxap for example) who manufacture specifically for places such as Chester and York, who have strict planning requirements sympathetic to their history.

BV: Lazy and incompetent purchasing or perhaps the relationship with the present supplier is too lucrative I would suggest.

I have designed shelters in the past for historical authorities, and whilst it's a pain in the arse, it is important that they reflect their surroundings. I know Brown is a bit of a dick but he has a point.

Edited by Will Halsall
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7 minutes ago, Gladys said:

Is it really an eyesore?  

According to Tony Brown. And  ’an absolute disgrace’.

I think it's rather discreet and an improvement on the one that was there. 

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They look better suited for crappy weather than the fancy one outside the Gaiety now. Looks nice but all those gaps mean it won’t provide much protection from wind and rain. 





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