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Diary of a Nobody


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1 hour ago, The Voice of Reason said:

Nope definitely you. Underneath or next to the notice board advertising various events and preowned furniture etc.


You're confusing him with "scratch card" man, although I can see the resemblance.

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1 hour ago, paswt said:

I am obliged by your opinions, as far as I , and many other Onchan residents are concerned  Peter Karren was an excellent MHK .

He was clearly an honest man , had he not have been he would have been 'speared' by the establishment .

He was the only MHK who got back to me and I found him helpful .

I view you as one of the poorest  contributors to this site , hope this helps


We obviously have differences of opinion. We have a limited number of MHK's and whilst constituency work is very important I judge more on what they achieve for the IoM rather than that they are great with dealing with local issues.  It is great having a few members of the awkward squad when you have a fair few in a parliament but I view it as a bit of a waste when you have 24. Not being an Onchan constituent like joebean I don't see he made a massive positive contribution. 

We don't really have party politics in the IoM and until we do I don't really get the idea of anybody thinking their job is to act as the "opposition". When they were elected in the main they stood as an independent and had at that time no knowledge who the Chief Minister would be, who would be in Government and what there policies might be so you how could you stand on a platform of opposing the Government. Theoretically the Chief Minister could like and copy many of that persons policies so does the MHK then oppose as they see themselves as the opposition?

I am not aware of what assistance there is for MHKs in terms of support staff but, if they do not have already, I think each should have a personal assistant who could assist in dealing with correspondence, research etc and deal with a lot of the leg work that probably takes a lot of time when dealing with constituents concerns.

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2 hours ago, 2112 said:

One thing with Stu and in particular with his late night radio show, in his arguments, he tries to look at both side of the debate, rather than being one sided. He can play devils advocate and knows how to illicit participation in the debate.

That's a joke, right ?

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