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Pets in Flats..?


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What makes me laugh on the FB desperation calls are the shite platitudes that are aimed at convincing Landlords to allow pets “well behaved” “sleeps all day” “outdoor cat” “previous landlord will give references” etc etc 

If your dog pisses on a carpet work on £500 per room to replace add 25% for piss riddled underlay - then add up the rooms. Your well behaved pet is potentially causing £2500 worth of repairs- are pet owners prepared to put that up as a deposit for a £900 mews house.

The proposed legislation is looking to limit deposit levels to protect tenants not the landlord - one of a number of poorly thought out clauses that directly impacts property owners who will pass on potential costs to tenants.

The registration fees and other cost’s included in the proposal will also be passed on to the end user pushing up rental costs

Rents will go up and the Government will bury their heads in the sand.

If I see a FB plea saying “Fur Babies” the question is - Did you procreate with a Labrador”


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Pets in a flat have long been a non-issue. If you or your child would like a pet but live in an apartment, there is an alternative. Short-haired or adapted to the role of emotional support, animals will serve as the perfect option for you. At this website, esaregistration.org, you can register an emotional support pet, which will greatly help your daily life. It will give you access to a whole new community and a wealth of information, and the pet will serve as a great friend and support for your child without harm.

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Just now, The Voice of Reason said:

Thats true . You wouldn’t deliberately step in it but if you did end up with some on your shoe it wasn’t the end of the world.

Bloody snowflakes again.

Hours of fun to be had digging it out of the tread!

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