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Manx Forums Annual Meet Update


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Meeting went well. Lots of important issues discussed. Was good meeting you all. As promised, here is the photo taken during one of the lectures. If you spot yourself feel free to comment.




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On 2/28/2022 at 7:06 PM, wrighty said:

You’re confusing me with someone else. I was at my regular Flat Earth Society meeting and couldn’t make this. 

They have meetings all over the globe you know.

Actually, I think it would be interesting to have a forum meeting, the only stipulation being that tin foil head dress be worn. As a sort of ironic statement.

To be serious for a minute, the brain functions on very low voltage electronic signals, and a good tinfoil hat has been proven to prevent extraneous interference with the brain's thought processes. 

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12 hours ago, Passing Time said:

It would be interesting to see how many would turn up to a gathering

How long do you reckon until there is fisticuffs 😂😅

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