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What's the biggest lie told by IoM Government?

Max Power

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13 minutes ago, asitis said:

That they will open the curtains and let the sun shine in !

The same old, keep this quiet culture, pervades everything they do. I had high hopes of Alf Cannan but sadly looks as if its business as usual !

You were naive then as he's deeply entrenched in the bloat and mindset. Only had to look at his performance as Treasury minister to see that. Remember the Prom and Liverpool landing stage amongst other 'successes' ! all happened on his watch .

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3 minutes ago, Wake Up Call said:

Accommodating high net worth individuals benefits the general economy.

(Massive lie)

Wash your mouth and keyboard out with soap before Allan sends the heavies round.... 😂

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5 hours ago, Lost Login said:

Retirees returning to the UK or elsewhere might be viewed as a good think economically because as you get older you are far more likely to cost the state more than you contribute to it.  

My IOM pension is paid gross and taxed in the UK. When I draw my old age pension 18 years of contributions will be coming across here too. That’s quite a lot of drain if there are significant numbers moving away. You’d never find out though.

4 hours ago, Two-lane said:

If you use GDP per capita as a measure of richness....



the IoM staggers in at a mere 5th place.

Streets not paved with gold, but with cyan, purple, green, yellow, pink, red, beige - but the MHKs love it.

By that measure I’d be interested to see how similarly sized Islay, with 3000 residents and 10 or 11 world class distilleries fares. 

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Isle of Man Railways’ new diesel-electric arrived at Douglas earlier today (Wednesday 11 December 2013). 

The 42.5 ton locomotive, representing an investment of £400,000, replaces the old diesel engine.

Director of Public Transport Ian Longworth said:

‘The arrival of the new locomotive went very smoothly. The plan the Railways’ team put together went perfectly to schedule and the American engineers will arrive tomorrow to start the commissioning process.’ 

You sure Mr Longworth !?? 

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This seems the right thread for this .... From the front page of the examiner Four new vehicles purchased by DBC cannot be used on the island due to some regulation or other, couldn't be bothered to read the article. However on the subject of this thread DBC can't release details of how much ratepayers money was wasted as it's " commercially sensitive information "   Hmmmm now whose favourite phrase was that ! LOL.

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