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Russians to go to Paralympics


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Given Russia are the world’s villains right now, and seem capable of anything bad, has anyone ever thought that some of their paralympians might be conscripts? eg “Sorry Dmitri, your 100m times aren’t quite good enough, so we’ll just amputate one of your legs and you’re a shoe-in for paralympic gold”

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I do have sympathy with the ordinary Russian people and the athletes and other sports people who are being impacted by the actions of Putin and the Russian Government.  It was not their decision to invade the Ukraine and having looked at various sources it does appear that Russian state propaganda still has a major influence particularly over the older generations who do not routinely access external sources of information.

That said...

When it comes to athletics and the Winter Olympics, the Winter Paralympics, the Olympics and Paralympics then Russian athletes shouldn't even be there.  I do not understand how they have even been allowed to compete as the Russian Olympic Committee under a neutral flag (whilst wearing Russian colours) when the country has routinely engaged in doping and use of banned substances.  They should have been banned already.

Unfortunately sport of all types is up to its neck in dodgy money and "sports washing".  Why else would Russia and China have recently hosted the Olympics and Winter Olympics?  Why else have Russia and Qatar been given the FIFA World Cup?  There is hardly a sport going that hasn't bent over for the money coming from countries like Russia and China.

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