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Howard gets his gong


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I guess he achieved what he wanted and to some extent he probably  was always going to be acknowledged.  However, his  woeful leadership will be his legacy - that and the prize plum Ashford.

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Just now, Kopek said:

We all had Howard and Ashy to deal with!!!

Indeed we did. 

But I won't give my personal assessment of how well they did.  Let him have his day, he is gone.

However, there remain too many unresolved 'oddities' about the past couple of years to really move on.  There were several moments of trust lost, not to be easily regained, to be honest. 

No doubt, it will come out in the wash, eventually. 

If there is anything to be learnt it is that Ministers are there to protect their departments for the good of the island, not the individuals within them. 


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....but should we reward poor performance?

I would not point to a particular instance but the performance of the three of them was less than 'Full and Frank'', or at least, that we could believe?

The expectation of a Gong should be countered by the refusal of such?

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The question should be what did he do that anybody else would not or could not do? What added value did he bring? What made him exceptional? I get 3 nothings. A CBE should be awarded to those that have been exceptional in their service to the public and country. It shouldn’t be an automatic award to leaders who didn’t lead. He turns an honour into a present. 

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As far as honours for CMs goes I think of it as an incentive scheme for people who can't be promoted further. Most people who aspire to the CM role are driven by status. The awards give them something to work towards. Keeps them motivated. Using the chart in this thread ...



Walker - Knighthood - left Island in a better state.

Gelling - CBE - didn't fuck up.

Brown - OBE - inept but not venal.

Corkhill - SFA - resigned under a cloud.

Then add a COVID premium that bumps it up a level, and CBE for Howard is about right. At least he's not making decisions anymore. 

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