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Ashford: Should he stay or should he go?


Ashford: Should he stay or should he go?   

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1 hour ago, Roxanne said:

He has, children? 

Not sure they’re specifically his.

I agree with the comment above though in that Ranson has family as well. Many of the people who have been treated like dirt by the DHSC and other departments will also have children. It’s simply Ashford looking for excuses that don’t directly correlate with his own actions. So he has to bring other family into it as any criticism can’t possibly be about him or anything he has done. It’s a piss poor excuse of a letter.



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3 minutes ago, asitis said:

I've missed all this today whilst working, can someone tell me the timeline of when he resigned after saying he wouldn't resign ? confused !

Apparently he resigned on Monday but Cannan asked him to reconsider but went ahead with it. Blaming social media mostly for his decision. 

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1 hour ago, Wavey Davey said:

Several things are wrong with that letter:

1. it’s too long and written as if it’s some sort of pompous historical document by someone who clearly thinks they’re leaving some sort of mark on Manx politics like they’re some sort of Governors Hill Nelson Mandela. 

2. The blaming of social media for allowing the people, many of whom voted him in, to express that he’s an unscrupulous twat when he’s acted like an unscrupulous twat

3. The whole family aspect he seeks sympathy for. I’m sure Dr Ranson probably has family too who have been traumatized by the shitty end of the stick she’s received in the last two years. But we’re only supposed to feel sorry for Ashfords family and what they’ve had to read on social media about things he did. Especially when it’s likely his own partner is some sort of batshit social media warrior.


4. He clearly has no idea how to use apostrophes. He’s used them correctly in some places, failed to use them in others where they are needed. 

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