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Ashford: Should he stay or should he go?


Ashford: Should he stay or should he go?   

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Posted (edited)

I’ve just listened to it. 

The gall of that man. The toadying. 

Not one word of contrition, of responsibility  

Blaming others, blaming the system, blaming outsiders.

He even managed to squeeze in a list of his achievements 



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6 minutes ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

He doesn't think he's done anything wrong.

He bloody knows what he’s done wrong. He was at the centre of it, stirring it all up. He knows exactly what he’s done - but admitting it is beyond his psyche  he has to protect himself now at any cost - as we have just witnessed - and not for the first time either. 

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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure if it off topic or not but is it" appropriate behaviour" to shred a letter that he had just a few days previously quoted and used as part of his endeavours? 

I have not changed my opinion of Mr Ashford, from the day he first raised his head to stand for Douglas Council.

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He is nothing more than an arrogant, snivelling and now inconsequential lickspittle.

I'd love to know what CT was busily writing during that self-serving discourse.


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I'm not sure of David Ashford's much referencing to Chris Robertshaw. What was that all about? (CR has made his view clear in interview with Paul Moulton).

The he references his resignation to that of Geoffrey Howe's 





A deluded resignation speech.  Deluded. Deluded. Deluded.

And then he quotes Churchill.

Yep, deluded. Deluded. Deluded.




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1 minute ago, The Voice of Reason said:

He did however rather helpfully explain why Ministers should not, nay cannot, involve themselves in employment matters

But he did involve himself, simply by being in charge (lol) of the department. There's no doubt in mind, and I'm sure many think the same, that Walter knew minute by minute what was being contrived behind the scene against not only Dr. Ranson but Dr. Glover also. 

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