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Relocation, Relocation, Relocation


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We seem to have  veered  off on a diversion.

Diversions  here are frequent - onto rumbly dirt track road - with a lot of grass growing in the middle.

This time, it involves staffing on a floor at a newsagent.

To skid, steer and bump us back onto the information and discussion highway…

Who is it  we want/need?

Is this Private or Govt.sector?

Are incentives to be offered?

 For Govt.:

Departments have a consistent, but sadly catastrophic   record regarding senior official appointments, especially with candidates from, “ off island”.

Perhaps a case for “Lay” representation? 

Private sector:

Their  boldness, unlike Gov., carries more of a personal risk.

On reflection, not all employment solutions come from  any sort of “planning’ - the great “Airship”  venture , proclaimed in robust terms by politicos at the time, ended  badly.

However, many of the skilled workforce ,who had relocated here with their families became employed in other sectors, sometimes in very different roles, and very quickly became part of the Island community.








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If anything has come from this TT regards relocating here it’s the following..

Public transport is shit

Getting off and back on by air is shit.

The fast boat is shit.

if more than 4 people try to use the mobile data network at the same time, in the same area - it’s shit.

The Prom .. well.

Local ale, apart from Bushy’s, is rubbish.

Peel smells of drains and fish.

We can build houses in weeks but the roads take years.

Nowhere South of Castletown has a Costa.

Nowhere North of Ramsey has a bus.

The Hotels are from the 70s.

Services such as gas and power are shockingly expensive.

We worship drive-thru fast food and queue for miles to get in, even on a Sunday.

Locals cannot drive.




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