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Dame Deborah James

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Dame Deborah James has died.   You probably know her story so I won’t repeat it.

However, in case her sad (if inevitable) death has prompted the reader to give something to CRUK or another bowel cancer-related charity, please note that her Bowelbabe Just Giving page is remaining open:


If you’ve ever listened (and maybe been helped) by the Big C podcast which Deborah and her colleagues and friends produced, then consider bunging a few quid in.   Thank you.



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Morning all.   I posted this a week ago - I’ll bump it just this once, to bring it back to the reader’s attention - then leave it alone.  If it directed one extra person to the Just Giving page, then it was a worthwhile post.

Thank you for your indulgence.

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Posted (edited)

Arguably, she left a number of legacies - but probably the most important message was not to be shy about discussing bowel symptoms with your doctor - better to put up with some mild embarrassment in the GP’s office than risk a killer disease.

Also, don’t ignore symptoms because you think you’re too young - she was in her mid-30s when she was diagnosed.

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13 hours ago, jackwhite said:

Truthfully I'd never heard of the lady

On reflection, it was daft of me to assume that everyone would be aware of Deborah - so there’s this:

Dame Deborah James: Cancer campaigner dies aged 40 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61451495

and this:


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