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11 minutes ago, piebaps said:

We could have a jetski TT.

People will remember such an idea was dreamed up and much discussed by Monty at The Shore Hotel (the proper Shore Hotel, not the one in Laxey) as far back as the early 1980s.

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Yeah the sea around the island is so crowded - can't get away from them. You might see a jet ski possibly 5 days per year in certain spots if you particularly going looking. Intolerant twats moaning about about anything and everything they choose not to do on the other hand are sadly becoming almost ubiquitous.

Three of them moaning in the keys the other week about bikers using greenways. There can't be many areas on the planet as well served with a network of footpaths with a wider variety of gradients, views, lengths within such a reachable space, yet these highly paid whoppers want to walk on the relatively short network of greenways. They're perfectly entitled to of course, I've never heard anyone suggest that they shouldn't be, but to then complain bitterly when they see the odd motorbike (a rare occurrence in my experience) is just bloody madness!

Live and let live FFS. I don't ride a jet ski or an off road motorcycle, but the idea of preventing others from doing so just so that I can do the things that I want to do, where I bloody well want to do them without having to tolerate somebody doing something else, despite there being many other places where I could achieve just that is just intolerant nonsense.

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