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Good things about IOM


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Wonderful place to be in the sun. Feels somehow cosmopolitan (if you saw where I grew up you'd understand 😁)

It's safe in the main (even if we've now got the UK problem where the kids could be doing with a clip round the ear).

Small land mass means there's very little time to get anywhere really.

There are a lot of good people. 

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2 hours ago, asitis said:

Until of course Dandara concrete over it all ! ( you didn't expect me to be totally positive did you)

I walked around the coastal path from Peel and had stunning views especially down the coast towards the Calf then went up to Corrins Tower and reflected how the concrete sprawl that is the Ballawattleworth Ghetto has blighted the view to the northeast as well as Peel itself.

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Lovely run round Mooragh Park this morning then tram up to Snaefell from Laxey in the afternoon. Yes there’s places in the UK that are just as lovely, the government is a pain in the arse/not fit for purpose, cost of certain things higher etc etc but there’s not many places I’d currently rather live while the kids are still of school age. 

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The unspoilt bits in the summers, the hills and scenery and the access to it. The community spirit of the genuine locals, some of the traditions. And anything else that's left before the pursuit of money wrecks it.

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