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2 hours ago, cissolt said:

There is zero evidence to suggest that is the case. Our current digital businesses don't seem to care about green energy or recycling.

We are no longer an attractive proposition for businesses because our health service, property prices and availability of skilled staff are an absolute shambles.  

Have to say there is bugger all about green infrastructure on the Digital IOM web pages, but it is an issue that'll become more & more vital over the decade ahead

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3 hours ago, SleepyJoe said:

His record as Treasury Minister is presiding over massive overspends on major capital projects that were not the most important when it comes to repositioning the island

Whilst proclaiming that he was going to introduce huge swathes of financial discipline to the process....all of which have yet to be seen.

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1 hour ago, NoTail said:

Personally I quite like the windmills and would have no problem with looking at them outside my window. In fact I already look at the UK ones in the distance. I appreciate I am likely in the minority 

I like a good windmill too 

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