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Do you ever find yourself attached to a camera you no longer use?


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I have an old Canon T3 (not even a T3i, haha) that I have had since 2014. I have put a lot of miles on it with all of my travels.

But now I shoot 100% exclusively on my 6D Mark II and haven’t picked up the T3 almost 6 months. This leaves me to not really know what to do. The only real sentimental value is that it was my first DSLR (my Konica FP-1 hold more value because that is what I learned the craft on starting back in 1998).

Do you guys ever find yourself in the same situation? If so what have you done?

  • Make the camera a display piece https://9apps.ooo/?

  • Sell it to pocket some extra funds?

  • Keep it to shoot with it occasionally?

  • Use it to take riskier shots where damage is very likely?

Im leaning towards selling it but not sure what else people have done in this situation, hence the question.

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A Canon EOS 10. Had it, until recently, since 1994. As I'd purchased a DSLR I gave it to a mate who needed a camera, preferably 35mm. Serviced regularly, it's still producing excellent results. 

Slight regret when handing it over but it went to a good home. He let's me visit from time to time 😊

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Yes. Never used it though. The remote infrared shutter release was handy for wildlife shots. The only downside was the weight of the camera when it had the fixed 400mm lens attached. A monopod being necessary to capture a sharp image. No image-stabilisation as standard in those days. 

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