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8 minutes ago, Kopek said:

Yeah, greedy bastard wanting a couple a hundred quid to feed his Dogs, should have just got one Dog if He can't afford two!!! Probably puts the directors fees towards his daughters massive specs !!! What was wrong with NHS tortoiseshell round cheapos!!!!

Disgraceful post, the boy Brindley is bringing the end to Manx Radio with the schedule he brought in last year, but to  make a comment like that about his daughter is, as I said, disgraceful!

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I only listen to the radio in the car, even then I never tune in to MR. I quite like 3fm and my daughter always puts on Energy. What limits my listening time with either is adverts that feature impressions of Basil Fawlty or Michael Caine. These result in an immediate switching off for the rest of the journey. As I recall, Manx Radio adverts and Alex Brindley's contrived "humour" were also extremely irritating , so much so that I switched off for good. Perhaps the adverts and Brindley have improved, but I'm not inclined to risk it. Spotify has no adverts; music I can choose and no annoying waffle. 

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