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Lord of Mann


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Just now, Albert Tatlock said:

You obviously didn't get your rates bill this year 😀

Not in Douglas no, as I don't live there. But someone posted the stats for which councillors had claimed money in Douglas not long ago and he and (I think?) Hamer were on £0.

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Just now, Bandits said:

Well you’d know. In amongst surfing DTC expenses information for information on his expenses that apparently don’t even bare any relation to where you live 😂😂

Yes I'd know because I can read the name at the top of the screenshot and it doesn't have " - Douglas Councillor" at the end of it, so it's his personal account.

If you're badly trying to insinuate that he's me, I'm over 6' tall.

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2 hours ago, 2112 said:

I’m assuming they will close on the day of the funeral? It’s very likely that the funeral will be a bank holiday.

I just can’t understand the logic behind this announcement. Are other eating establishments closing and places of entertainment? Government Offices closing? 

My guess would be, they’re shutting tomorrow so they can stay open on the day of the funeral, and try and cash in?

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1 minute ago, Andy Onchan said:

The hatred in that young man's mind should be a concern.

He tends to take out his own personal lack of success on the rest of the world. It is quite hateful. It’s amazing DTC allow him the platform even if he claims his social accounts have no connection to his failed role as a basically useless yet pointlessly noisy town councilor .

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