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23 minutes ago, The Phantom said:

Certainly not hoping, just I suspect. It will probably be set out already in 'Operation London Bridge'.

Hopefully Harry and Megan won't do anything too stupid. 

Harry has done something wise; left Megan behind and something stupid; not travelled with the rest of the family. 

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30 minutes ago, Shake me up Judy said:

It's the protocol and the way these things are handled. The media are doing their job and very respectfully too. The Queen is probably near the end and they're giving the family some private time with her.

Some idiots on here need to STFU too. 

There's nothing respectful about this constant coverage showing the family arriving, constant talk about her "frailty" and age. Respectful would've been nothing said until the official, rehearsed programming.

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5 minutes ago, Omobono said:

I see our politicos are also trying to jump on the bandwagon and out doo each other,  message  thoughts and prayers to the queen from Chief Minister , followed by another from Mr Speaker , I thought they were trying to get rid of prayers just a couple of months ago ?

You can remove prayers as a requirement from our political process and still pray personally.

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