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Lord of Mann


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3 hours ago, Jarndyce said:

On her funeral day, I was working in Nobles - I seem to remember volunteering to cover because so many people wanted to watch it on the telly.

I went to the cinema with the then GF. Saw Life of Brian. Only 3 customers but probably a dozen staff 

ETA. Sorry memory playing up. It was her wedding day we went to the cinema 

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16 minutes ago, John Wright said:



I’m assuming they will close on the day of the funeral? It’s very likely that the funeral will be a bank holiday.

I just can’t understand the logic behind this announcement. Are other eating establishments closing and places of entertainment? Government Offices closing? 

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1 hour ago, war baby said:

The Monarchy has changed hands.  A family has lost a valued member.  May she rest in peace.

King Charles III now reigns.

I might be mistaken, but I thought it had been announced a couple of decades ago that - when he eventually succeeded to the throne - he wouldn't take the title Charles III ?

(I'm most definitely not a royalist but I think the Queen did a fantastic job over a 70 year period.  However, I continue to be amazed that she and Philip decided to name the heir to the throne after two of the most divisive monarchs the country has ever seen... )

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4 hours ago, The Phantom said:

If she does croak imminently it will not be good for the UK's fucked factor. 

Globally she is a linchpin and figurehead for the UK, ...

Proudly a Royalist, she's probably the Greatest and most important Briton of the last 50 years...

I am most certainly not a proud royalist, but I wholeheartedly agree with that final statement.

For 70 years she has accomplished the impossible task of being politically impartial in her role as head of state, and at the same time heading up what seems to be a largely dysfunctional family.

It's all downhill with Charles (or however he becomes styled) as head of state.

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4 minutes ago, Passing Time said:

We shall never see her like again. RIP Your Majesty

She was a fine lady.

There are however people who die every day who have had more challenging lives, more demanding lives, lives where they were more selfless etc etc.

I am not knocking the lady or belittling her death, but to say we will never see the like again is a bit odd.  She had a life that I wouldn’t have wanted but also more wealth and privilege than almost anyone else ever born will ever know. 

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