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2 hours ago, Two-lane said:

(In comparison, when I lived in Germany a local told me that out in the country if you are making a connection to another bus the driver will radio to warn the other driver that there is a passenger on the way.)

I have heard drivers here call another bus to let them know that they have passengers to transfer

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9 minutes ago, Cambon said:

n the old days, the trains passed in Ballasalla, and there was time to jump off and use the toilet. The station master used to hold the train until everyone was back on board. 

I was thinking maybe you could just drop the window and piss onto the passing hedgerow - track-side fire prevention as a by-product. Who says that men can't multi-task. Of course, women would not be involved - they don't drink pints of beer.

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This has been mooted in the last 20 years. Part of the upgrade to the port Erin line was justified on faster trains. They were talking of some sort of diesel hybrid iirc.

denmark I think have little light steam trains with super insulated boilers fired on light oil. At steam in under 10 minutes. That would work.

needs a major interchange at Dandaraland outside Ballasalla and could be a winner.

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