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Led lights Douglas

Ray Manx

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Does anyone know if the new Led coloured lights on Douglas Prom are faulty? It seems quite bizarre that they have not been lite up properly since The Pride weekend. For the last few weeks (including MGP) none of the coloured lights or top cones have been light at all. Broadway has some of the top led cones flickering, and if you walk the whole prom during the day you will notice a hand full of the lights are on, indicating to me at least that the whole prom led light system could indeed be faulty! 
if anyone from Douglas Council knows the situation of the functionality of the new street lights (or lack of) I would be interested to know 

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Would you expect anything less? They'll have paid a King's ransom for some Chinese crap that doesn't like salt air or something. Some supplier will have made millions out of the deal with no need to guarantee any of their products or work, if they ever even worked in the first place (unlikely).

It's like the NSC flumes - how many hundred thousand did they spend on them? They never worked, they had to throw another couple of hundred thousand at the contractor to get them working, they lasted a couple of weeks and one had to be closed again. Nine months later it is still closed.


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On 9/21/2022 at 9:15 PM, x-in-man said:

The person they employed to switch them off and on every now and then is on holiday, or sick leave due to the work pressures or something.

Is it the same guy who is in charge of pushing the seawed back to the sea again and again 

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