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Prices of eating out


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Yep.  £34.95.

any suggestion it would feed two is nonsense.  Look at the size of the chips and meatballs.

I know stuff is getting expensive but seriously??

To be fair the rest of the menu looks really good value, but that particular mean is insanely expensive.

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They might be decent prices but it's all relative, and under the ongoing circumstances is "decent", affordable to many? Lob  in a sweet and a couple of drinks for a couple at brewery prices and those prices soon add up.

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5 minutes ago, Roxanne said:

How can an 8 oz rib eye steak with chips and tomato and a Diane sauce be a decent price at £26.95?

I'm astounded. Not as astounded at the OP picture and the price mind you.

Anyone who cooks at home knows that the mark up on this menu is about 150% - at least for the rib eye meal.

These aren't the pub prices I remember. Although, it's been a long time since I ate out anywhere. Is this how it is now?

£26.95 buys fifty kilos of solid fuel.  Enough for a week.

A decent steak and chips has been north of £20 for a while.

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