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Stu Peters MHK Achievements?


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SP's election poster:

There’s a boat in the morning! We now have the means through ownership of the Steam Packet to boost visitor numbers significantly with incentivised off-peak holiday travel. The SPC should be used as a way of boosting local businesses and creating jobs, and not just of bolstering Treasury income. More affordable fares could also encourage our youth to stay here! Looking after those who have looked after us! Pensioners should get pay rises before politicians. Lower paid key workers should get a fair wage. Every resident should have a place in a decent government care home if needed – state funded. The forgotten constituency! When property developers were given the green light for massive developments in Peel and the South, who challenged them to consider, and pay for the traffic problems we now face daily in Middle? No one! Common sense and accountability are needed! We need to wake up, and woke down! We must be able to discuss and debate difficult topics freely, reasonably and compassionately, without the constant fear of a creeping political correctness or the ‘woke army’ trying to shut us up. We are getting too close to Orwell’s dystopian future where expressing an opinion can have you arrested. I won’t forget you! How many times in the last government has a Middle MHK asked for your opinion? Not even once for me! I’ll host regular informal meetings in the constituency with you, and post regular videos and blogs on social media! I’m trying hard to visit every householder in Middle, but if I’ve missed you and you would welcome a visit, please contact me and I’ll come to see you at a convenient time.

He has probably done the last bit, keeping constituents informed.

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Just now, forestboy said:

Yes.  You are just nasty troll  🧌 



There seems to be a lot of this playground stuff on here that you call people names when they don't hold the same opinion.

As an MHK Peters's put himself forward to work on behalf of the people so what work has he done for us? Seems none of you can cite a single thing, try a bit harder will yer?

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