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War on drugs


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I wonder why the Manx police force do not do an exchange of a couple of ,willing, members of their drug team with different forces away just for a few weeks at a time.    The team over here must be known faces, even the cars they use must get recognised it being such a small place.   New faces on the block could be advantageous and I am sure some of our coppers would enjoy an opportunity to spread their wings and have a change of scenery.   Other small populated towns no doubt have the same problem of recognition of officers and may like to join a swap pool.

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Or perhaps pursuing a failed 50 year old policy is a fools errand? 90% of offences are for cannabis, and if you have read the paper lately we are actively encouraging cannabis companies to the island. Licensed users buying from a reputable vendor will reduce offences of children being exploited.

The scaremongering from the police on safeguarding has lumped sexual grooming offences with drug couriers for maximum headlines.

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