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More uselessness from DBC


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5 minutes ago, Manxieover65 said:

Absolute lies Frank . The Facebook group clearly shows hundreds annoyed by you and your useless mates . If you count only answered complaints in this number you might be telling the truth . 

As for the councils claims its about saving money and not the fact Douglas Borough Council is penetrated by the greens, why would you be speaking to companies about being a contractor to be bin police . Which I know to be true before you claim otherwise as I've spoken to someone who's been approached.  Surely that's not cutting costs but increasing them .

Families of 5 or more being forced to either drive to refuse centres or struggle for anywhere to put their waste including nappies(altho I don't think many of you lot have experienced this , so assume your just nieve) and now getting rid of public bins to stop people putting rubbish in them , yes we've noticed. Yeah that will sort it!

Just accept your are wrong , 500 plus people on a Facebook site and increasing every day(that's more than voted you in btw) , proper politicians having to get involved because of your refusals to accept you've made a mistake . Refuse centres increased usage with people driving rubbish down and probably doing more damage to the environment.  Just admit it you've messed up . 

Even if some rubbish is not acceptable for black bins people disposed of things this way in the past hidden in bins , you wait till Christmas we will definitely have a rat infestation which you will still claim a success.

Only good thing to come of this , is you and your other inept mates will ultimately end up voted out (as lots I know who've never voted for councillors are all signing up as wr speak)and you will never blag your way into government, and the mistakes will be fixed by future councillors who have the best interests of the people at heart . 

You have just reinforced my opinion.  

There was also an online questionnaire.  I responded but said I didn't think the recycling arrangements were fit for purpose.  This is all about engagement,which is as much the responsibility of the individual as DBC. 


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4 hours ago, offshoremanxman said:

If people don’t have cars how are they supposed to get rid of household items they used to throw in the bin? They’d have to be able to take them to the tip. Are you suggesting now that people have to go to the 4x4 Centre and spend £55 hiring a van for the day just so that they can get rid of rubbish that the bin men no longer take? 

It's never been ok to put out TVs or armchairs for the binmen. But if the tenants cannot keep the place tidy then the landlords should. It's basic. Same as it's not okay to leave old cookers, fridges, TVs etc in your front garden.



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It seems to me that without a fully dedicated recycling plant on the Island we are merely engaging in ‘greenwashing’.

I would like the DBC to publish specific information about how their recycling process works, from end to end - how and where the separated recyclable waste generated by and collected from Douglas residents (who are trying to do the right thing by the environment) is subsequently processed - what is the end 'product'? E.g., do all of the different types of plastic objects get separated and are they subsequently 'reused' or are simply burnt or used as landfill. Is any of our 'recycled' rubbish being sent to third world countries?

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26 minutes ago, C Montgomery Burns said:

You seem to think that instead of having jobs and families most Douglas residents should spend all day in the internet searching for ways in which their bin collections might be changing? You cannot say it’s the responsibility of people to seek information out. Especially if their Councillor is Frank or Devon Watson. Two people who seem to literally spend their whole lives posting shit on social media. But clearly not helpful shit, or shit relevant to the roles they have at DBC. Just self-important unwanted shit. 

That is not what I am saying.  Information was provided and publicity given, there was no need to seek it out,  which was what earlier posters had said.  Whether it was adequate and appropriate in every case is a different matter.

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6 minutes ago, Gladys said:

Well  it was nothing from our house. 😃

When we were kids living in the UK, the rag and bone man used to give you a flagon of cordial in exchange for old clothes. My sister and I emptied mum's wardrobe for a flagon of orange barley water. Wasn't worth it really as when mum discovered she had no clothes, we couldn't sit down for quite a while...

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1 hour ago, genericUserName said:

Because we elect politicians to decide policy. If you oppose net Zero (though goodness knows why you would) then stand for election on that ticket.

NetZero is an unachievable pipe dream, no amount of advertising spend will change that.

Daphne spends more time opposing solutions than offering any.  The same goes for most of the green group.

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