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Free parking for government employees-Who's in charge?

Moghrey Mie

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1 hour ago, StrangeBrew said:

I think piebaps is right that it parking isn’t usually a taxable benefit. Parking provided by an employer either at or near the employee’s workplace is an exempt benefit - it doesn’t matter if it’s contractual or allocated.

It's not deemed a taxable benefit in the IOM. It would be in some places. The general idea is that if you have to pay for parking around where you work and its given free then it's seem as a benefit. If you are out of town then it isn't. 

All of this blether though is missing the point. It should be about ethics. It's 2022 and not 1972. They shouldn't get nor except free parking.  

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8 hours ago, Capt_Mainwaring said:

You presume wrong. I don't. Walk or drive and pay to park. Others do have spaces, fair enough. Just think there's other things to be bothered about at work than someone having a free parking space.

It depends how many there are and who's ultimately paying for them.

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