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Can Manx journalists be politically critically - discuss

John Wright

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1 hour ago, Gladys said:

She'll be thrilled with that summary. 

She's rarely thrilled.  At least this way there was a moment of self amusement first.

I did actually try a car analogy on her recently.

"Look, if I owned a Porsche, I would probably still look at an Aston Martin if it drove past.  I might even take it for a test drive.  Doesn't mean I'm not happy with my Porsche."

That went down like a spit roast suckling pig at a bar mitzfah 

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3 hours ago, The Phantom said:

She's like an exotic supercar. 

Looks good, instructions arent in english, requires lots of high octane fuel (Gin), very expensive to maintain and prone to breakdowns. 

I do sometimes wonder if a slightly plainer looking runabout would be better, with less expense and maintenance. 


One that you can chuck yer tools in the back of is handy too.

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On the subject of Phil Gawne, he features in this article from the New York Times


"Mr. Gawne grew up knowing a few older relatives who could speak a bit of Manx, but it wasn’t until the late 1970s, he said, when there was an influx of new residents to the island, that he felt the desire to know more about the language." 

No mention of any other desires he may have felt back then.

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