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Workplace wellbeing conference


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1 minute ago, cissolt said:

Has anyone heard of this event from Public Health? https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/workforce-wellbeing-connecting-home-and-work-tickets-411965849947

Is Sound bathing going to be available on the NHS?



Hmmm, I'll avoid any negative connotations to avoid the risk of potentially triggering Amy and receiving an unrequested Sound Bath. 

Seems all the rage nowadays.  There is a big push towards companies investing in the 'Wellness' (personally that word triggers me) of their staff.  Offering counselling, therapies and frankly all kinds of mad shit.  I'm assuming some staff appreciate it, but personally I'd rather receive the money. 


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Sounds (no pun intended) like the kind of thing Manx Care might send unhappy staff on, rather than dealing with the deeply-ingrained bullying/low morale issues which no-one seems to have made a start upon.

“What can we do, to make it look like we’re taking it seriously?”

“Oh, here’s a course - that’ll do!”…

“Trebles all round!!”

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1 hour ago, Harry Lamb said:

Sound bathing was a regular event when cattle were swum over to the Calf

I wish they still did that, I'd love to see it. I'm sure its calm enough at slack tide, but those waters can be pretty chaotic. 

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