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School Teachers... Your Memories...

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Same goes for Mr Cooil the sports teacher, who only became a teacher it seems so he could throw kids into the pool with or without their clothes on. I wonder now if he realises just what a poor teacher he was, imagine him telling his friends, I was a bad teacher, totally incapable of teaching kids how to swim and all I will be remembered for would be as a bully!


I didn't have much to do with him but I do know people who speak surprisingly highly of him (usually good swimmers mind)


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My memories of teachers are


Michael School

Mrs Thompson - liked to stab you in the chest with a red pen

Mrs Renshaw - ruled the class with a rod of iron, my hat my legs got slapped back then...but I thank her for teaching me how to knit

Tommy Cashin - an amazing amazing man - that is all



Miss Skillicorn - meek history teacher - my tutor in first year

Mr Bromiley - leather faced Geography teacher - about 100 years old - my tutor in second year

Mr Riordan - science - I think - me and him did not get on - tutor in third year

Mr Cubbon - miniscule Chemistry teacher and great michael man - tutor in fourth year

Mr Snellgrove - skimpy shorted rugby fanatic who caught me smoking in the first year (oops) - he was my fifth year tutor


Mr Mokey Schmoke Bokeysome (Mr Beckerson) - sixth form head - sort of reminds me of the teacher of inbetweeners


other noteable mentions


Miss France - Scared the shit out of me

Dr Kennaugh - Scared the shit out of me - but in the end I discovered she was a lovely woman

Madge (Mrs Kelly) - equally scary PE teacher

Mr Schneidelly Whiplash - Czechozlovakian handball master maths teacher - had a strange crush on him in third year

Red Harry - Mr Galbraith - head master

Mr "monkey man" molten (God rest his soul) a lovely Physics teacher

Ms Beales - who was a hippy type english teacher and is now called mlle kerblat and teaches my son french...random

Mr Jones - bespectacled Geography teacher who got me in loads of shit for drawing a characiture of Mr Platton on my exercise book - made me write an appology and all to him - twat

Ms Moyles (?) a jolly lady who I have no idea what she taught - she just floated around in flowery skirts smiling alot

Mrs Ennett - large feisty dinner lady


that is about all I remember


But man I find it very strange going to my sons parents evenings (man being back at QEII brings back some wonderful memories) - but some of the teachers who taught me are still there........I hope they don't let on what a minx his mum was!

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Miss Devreaux taught us how to get into Whispers via the emergency exit!


Miss Sissons was an absolute cow and should never have been allowed to teach anyone. Mrs Bathgate was the nicest cookery teacher. Scottish lady, kind and helpful.


I remember someone locking Miss Galbraith in her own cupboard and her storming out in tears after she tripped over her bin.


Masterton was a maths teacher (I think) when I was at Balla and he was a vile little man with a nose not in proportion with his face..


Mr McGregor caused quite a stir amongst the young ladies when he arrived on the scene. I can still remember a few of us watching him preparing for his class on the front playing field on a nice spring day, wearing his vest top and shorts....


Mr Cooil was another vile individual, bordering on sadistic, in particular to the boys. Dreadful man.


Miss Ellis (RIP) was incredibly popular and a real example of how vital a good teacher can be.


Oh happy days!

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What memories this thread has brought back...


Does anyone remember Miss Curphey the art teacher at Ballakermeen? A very large lady and a very talented artist. She must have dispaired at the dross that she had to teach, including me!


Mrs Rodgers taught Geography at Ballakermeen, that is, when she could stay awake in the lessons!


Mrs Musgrove taught English, she looked ancient, even then in the1970's.


Miss Bashforth taught us Maths at Ballakermeen, she was deputy head as well when I was there, good teacher of the old school.


Laurie Davies taught us Physics at Ballakermeen and Pinhead Kelly at St Ninians. Poor PInhead, he had spent all his career teaching boys and had to learn to cope with us girls! A bit of an old woman but a good teacher nevertheless.


Also, Peter Clague who taught the girls Chemistry at Ballakermeen before we went mixed in 1976 (very fit in his day). He came up to St NInians when we went mixed. He used to have an assistant called Raymond(I think) at St Ninians.


Mrs Beatson was the deputy head at St Ninians when we went mixed after being head at Ballakermeen (I think), she used to scare the life out of me, I can't remember what she taught. She used to wear two tone red and white platform shoes which you could hear from half way down the corridor, this was really handy so you could put your fag out and sneak out of the girls toilets before she caught you!


Spider Webster(RIP) taught us English at St Ninians until he died then Harry Taverner took over, both OK teachers if I recall.

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"Mr Cooil was the PE teacher and was far from cool tempered, constantly throwing people in the pool and went off for a year to travel. Many speculated that he was suspended from teaching. His replacement for a year was really good. He taught me to swim better, something Cooil was incapable of."


The story I heard was that one of is victims was a copper's son who duly gave Cooil a bit of a hiding, he was shufled off to CRHS where (although he was not in PE) continued to be a nasty bully, horrible man and one of those who should have ended up on the mountain gassing himself to death unlike Mrs Britner; who although she had only been at CRHS a short time before I left was a great teacher, RIP.


Edited to add...


Dolan Kelly - Best Primary School headmaster ever.

Mavis Bell - Best Primary School teacher ever

Miss 'Fleabag' - Primary School Bully.

Miss Cooil - Primary School sellout.

Mr Harry Tavener - Great High School Headmaster.

Mr Alex Madrell - Slimy Deputy.

Mrs and Mrs Moretta - Tag team of awesome proportions, great at explaining stuff.

Mr Hodgson (RIP) - Ace Motor V teacher.

Mr Miller - Good listener

Mr Stewart (History) - Epic combover, great bloke.

CRHS's Groundskeeper Willy - Let us smoke in his office when it was raining.

Loads of other great and shit teachers during that time, Crazylegs Craine was ok.

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Frank Luckman Head of DHSB, Excellent Headmaster,

Hitler Holroyd Deputy, Ballakermeen

Wag Leece Deputy St Ninnians

Arnie Shimmin, really nice guy but his class was always rowdy until another teacher would intervene.

Deek Quirk, thrashed me 17 times in the 1st year at Ballakermeen. I was 11 ffs!!

Poppa Cannell, English and Maths,

Jack Sayle, Metalwork

Gerry O'Toole, Rural Science

Benny Ball, Woodwork,

Mr Sykes, Music

Betty Hanson, Art

Mr Gunga Din Godden, Art. Excellent teacher, very funny disciplinarian.

Ken Cooil Maths

Mr Tattersall Maths, Beat Pythagaras' theorem into me! Never forgot it tho!

Putty Kelly

Pinhead Kelly

Ollie Beak Harding

Jakey Hogg

Ivor Knight

Brian King, PE

Orry Teare, PE

Don Beard, PE

Mr Godfrey PE

Mr Williamson, PE

Mr Nicholson Maths (Did time for clearing off with the school trip fund) Kindly gave me a maths text book with the answers in the back! Still didn't get it!

David Ingham, English

Seaweed Williamson, Geography

Mr Slater, History and Geography

Poppa Curphey, History

Mr Crellin, Maths

Miss Cain, French

Mr Samwell, a very scary man!

Gerard McQuillan Metalwork

Harry Underwood, Technical Drawing

Sid Tyrer Metalwork

A tall Physics teacher who played football in goal for St Johns for years!?

Taffy Owen


And many more whose faces I can remember but can't put a name to just now!

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Some of the names listed above managed to bring some more memories flooding back.


Mr Sayle was the Head of Coniston I think. He invited me in for a little chat in my first year. Told me that he had spoken to all my teachers and the feedback he got was basically I was thick as two short planks and should be moved down to the B stream. Luckily, I did well or better than expected as Miss Devreaux kept saying at the end of year exams which meant I stayed in the A stream. I think Mr Sayle liked me and figured I was finding it difficult to settle in.


I have been thinking of the Science teachers.


Was there a Miss Bates who taught Science, she must have been my first year teacher?


There might had been a Mr Mckay/McKellen who taught me Science in the second year. I feel embarrassed forgetting his name as I bumped into him several times even in the 90s and he remembered me. There was that day in the summer of 1981 where he was adamant he did not want to teach that Friday afternoon. So he just bought the tv in and put the Ladies Wimbledon final on. I was not complaining I like Chris Evert, shame she lost.


There was Mr Coates the Physics teacher in my third year. When I later moved to a school in the UK, the Science teacher there in my new school who became aware that I was educated in the IOM asked me if I knew a Mr Coates. How do you know him? I asked. We did National Service 30 years ago was the reply. What a small world!


Talking of National Service, Mr Phillips, Marshall etc the guys who ran the school probably all did National Service, I do not think they were old enough to have fought in the second world war and maybe that explains why the school was run in such a regimented manner.

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Bizarre thought this morning and Dave Cole (History for me at O and A level) for some reason popped into my mind. I googled him and came across this forum!


Many of the teachers named on the site are familiar to me (Balla / St Ninians between '78 & '84).


One I can't recall the name of was a poor maths teacher. Taught me for o level when the sites were spilt with Park Road. We didn't see eye to eye and he enjoyed hitting me with ruler & (??) a table tennis bat in front of the class. My maths continued a downward spiral under his "guidance". I recall he did some football coaching at Laxey and then might have been involved in an insurance "incident" (though that could be gossip). About 10 years ago I saw him working at a checkout in a Douglas supermarket. Can't recall his name, but always struck me as being the polar opposite of a Dave Cole.


"Ray" might have been his first name, now I think on it.

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Bizarre thought this morning and Dave Cole (History for me at O and A level) for some reason popped into my mind. I googled him and came across this forum!


Well I've just spent the last hour reading through this thread.


A few shudders. A few smiles. Plenty of memories.


Thanks for resurfacing it.

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