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Bizarre thought this morning and Dave Cole (History for me at O and A level) for some reason popped into my mind. I googled him and came across this forum!


Many of the teachers named on the site are familiar to me (Balla / St Ninians between '78 & '84).


One I can't recall the name of was a poor maths teacher. Taught me for o level when the sites were spilt with Park Road. We didn't see eye to eye and he enjoyed hitting me with ruler & (??) a table tennis bat in front of the class. My maths continued a downward spiral under his "guidance". I recall he did some football coaching at Laxey and then might have been involved in an insurance "incident" (though that could be gossip). About 10 years ago I saw him working at a checkout in a Douglas supermarket. Can't recall his name, but always struck me as being the polar opposite of a Dave Cole.


"Ray" might have been his first name, now I think on it.

Ray Corlett without a doubt.


Also Dave Cole is still around from what I've seen.

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Balla / Park Rd / St Nin


All a bit of a blur as to who was where teacher wise.


Gunger Dinn - Art teacher at Balla from memory

Jakey Barrett - English teacher. Good guy, and unless I'm very much mistaken, Cat Turners dad ???

Mrs McCardle - History and my form tutor

Mr Speers - Woodword and one sadistic mother.

Mr Postlethwaite - Biology - great guy. Good runner too.

Mrs Lambie - PE wife of Stuart (ex head of Foxdale). One of the nicest couples on the planet.

Mrs McSheffrey - maths. Always had boobs covered in chalk. Quite amusing at the time.

Mrs Musgrove - French. Had the hairiest legs I've ever seen on a woman.

Robbie Teare PE. Watched him kick the crap out of Mark Bennet on the gym floor. To be fair, he deserved it.

We had a science teacher at Park Road who was a diabetic scouser. Sound fella, can't recall his name. Oh yes I can McDermott. he got airlifted off the boat a few years back after going hypo.

Olly Beak (Mr harding). head of Hillary, and Steven's father. Quite officious character.

Garreth Jones - PE. Great guy.

Mrs James - English teacher. Husband was a Police sergeant (Robin I think). Nice fella too.

Lots more besides.


Edited to add - anyone remember a lad called Michael Dalmedo at Balla? He was an entertaining character

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We must be contemporaries-ish because I remember most of those teachers.


I remember poor Gareth Jones trying to enthuse my friend and into PE. We once turned our hockey sticks upside down and sat on the sidelines using them like shooting sticks. We also used to get out of swimming at the Aquadrome by telling him we couldn't swim that day. Why? he would ask. Just can't, Sir, then looking down and then some embarrassed shuffling feet. So, off to the Terminus it was for us.

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On 11/3/2011 at 1:17 AM, prism10 said:

I was in Balla in the early 80s. I like to share a few memories before old age gets me. This thread has brought a few back!



Mr Corrin was a typical sports teacher and probably put loads of kids off sport, especially Rugby. Mr McGregor, I liked, I understood that he did some teaching in South Africa. Mr Teare was nice. I heard he passed away but not surprised he looked old when he taught me!


I remember in the summer Mr Corrin would go out slathered in oil in only his shorty-shorts, which he'd then pull up even higher and lie down in the sun, or hide a ball behind his back while the giggling girls tried to get it back...

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