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This old chestnut of the defense we receive from the UK does not really hold up.

2 world wars and very little defense visible for either, we did though have conscription for which, i am assured was not the case with Northern Ireland. {WW2}

Now it seems to me that it was the Isle of Man, albeit in a small way, that was defending the UK.

After the second lot we were not exempted from the large amounts paid into the UK exchequer from the IOM for our divvy up.


I dont have a problem with Manxmen serving in the UK army but i do have a problem with paying for something we dont recieve.


So for the next decennial test year, lets have a look at actual expendidture on the defense of the IOM and see what value, if any, we actually recieve.

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"whore" isn't a personal opinion though, it's a description. MV is clearly accusing the queen of trading sexual favours for hard cash.


If we were to interpret every adjective in its literal state, nothing would be accurate. His assertion that she is a bitch would be false, as she's clearly not a female dog. The same could be said for calling someone a cow, a prick, a knob or a bellend.


That aside, there's more than one defintion of the word whore, one of which being " A person considered as having compromised principles for personal gain". I would suggest that MV considers this to be true, and whether you agree or disagree with that, it remains personal opinion. That definition is very much open to interpretation.

She is not a female dog,but she looks like a cow.

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In my opinion (for what it is worth); the role of Lieutenant Governor might not be vital to the running of the Isle of Man and we could probably get by without one. However, I do fully support and respect the position of Lieutenant Governor and would not wish to see the position replaced with anything else, let alone pointlessly renamed for changes sake.


My reason for supporting the future of the role of Lieutenant Governor as the Queen’s representative on the Isle of Man is simple. If it were left to the Manx Government, or even the Manx electorate to put a man in a position to undertake official and diplomatic affairs who would we end up with?


Like it or not our position with Great Britain is as much a part of our heritage and culture as the rubbish that Mec Vannin keep ranting on about. Today our relationship with Britain is one that is entirely beneficial to safeguarding the future of our island and without it, we would almost certainly not enjoy the benefits that are envied by many other nations.


Our unique system of Government and Crown Dependency lends us the ability to trade freely with the rest of the world using our own currency linked to the British Pound. We have the security of one of the world’s strongest military defences. We are integrated into a system that provides for our health care, education and social services that are (while being continually moaned about) better than anywhere else on the planet. And we have our own Parliament!


If being a part of all this means we have to have a Lieutenant Governor than I say let’s keep him! Don’t screw it all up, because a few narrow-minded islanders think the island it would be better without Great Britain. Because it wouldn’t be.

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If it gives the guy something to do between games of bridge or supping sherry or whatever, then let him be Lt Governor or whatever he likes. Personally, I'd go for "Lord High Governor of Doom", or something equally snappy.


And, like, I mean, really, is he doing anyone any harm? And before anyone bleats "ooh, your tax money" etc, I don't care. Really.

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Paul H. You are so correct in what you say.

There is so much more our micky mouse government could be doing other than changing the name of the Governor and watering down his duties. I have thought for some time that the president of tynwald has had an eye on Government House. Better than living in some grotty farm.


The office of Governor [and perhaps that of the Bishop] is the only one that has any credibility in Government cirlces, and which one can respect, knowing it is above corruption. No Manx politician could possibly be the Governor for obvious reasons nor could an IOM resident take that position due to their biased views on Manx life.


Years ago when Mec Vannin started I was a member and considered their opinions and goals sensible if unobtainable. The rantings of the forum member under the title of Mec Vannin on this thread is not worth responding to and is certainly no member of MV. I am surprised Mark Kermode hasnt come on to distance himself from this retard.

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Manx Radio have reported "there have been calls" to change the title of the Governor. There is even a Tynwald Committee working hard on this one.


The person/s who made this call don't seem to be identified. But they must be pretty influential to have a commmittee set up to look into it.


I certainly have never heard anyone complain at the title of Governor.


There have been other seemingly anonymous callers of late who have these Tynwald folk at their beck and call.


Maybe this is how democracy works.

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There needs to be a head of state.


That is the nature of democratic parliamentary rule.


The UK happens to have as its head of state a hereditary monarch.


Other nations have elected presidents.


Presently the Bleahs are the greatest argument in favour of NOT having politicians as a head of state that there possibly could be quite apart from the desirability of having a politically non-partisan individual in the role.


If HMG was not the Manx head of state who would be? An elected representative? Elected by who?


Creatures like Downie, Ned, and co being in the running just have to be the finest justification for the retention of HMG that there could be.

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