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Thanks for all the kind comments :D . I have been busy over the winter and virtualiom.com has now had a major update.


There are now a lot more panoramic images than previous (and still quite a few more to come added later this year).


You now no longer need quicktime to view the images either - the site uses GyroVision viewer technology to switch between java or quicktime viewing as appropriate.


It also now suitable for both modem and broadband viewing, although broadband is recommended for the breathtaking 'full-screen' panoramas.


There is also a very cool B) satellite map feature with all of the panoramic locations viewable from above.


If you have any comments please drop me a line. There is a contact page on the site.


Kind regards


Andrew Reid

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Cracking site Andy, useful map too, I like the idea.


Interested to know about what head your using as I'm currently looking for one to try panoramic shots, Pm me if you want to keep the thread on topic.





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Very good effort, shame Ramsey is from the North Quay with all the container stuff - maybe a shot from the Albert Tower?


I don't know what your limitations are - I just started playing with Google Earth, the zoom option there would be great on your site.


I *will* be showing this to my mates here in Switzerland.

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What a smashing idea.


I am very interested in the Churches. Hope you can do more and inside too if possible.

Ballaugh was very good, quite surreal in a way - I'm in a Swiss alpine village where it's snowing hard and at the same time I'm looking at a church I know well (my mother used to teach in Ballaugh).

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My wife is making up a calendar for next year of Manx Churches through the Seasons. Ballaugh lost quite a number of trees last year because of the great storm but seems alright now. Dr Paul Bregazzi at Ballaugh would be the best person to let you know recent history.


It is interesting going through old churchyards - getting family histories from the inscriptions. We were at Patrick last week and people in the 1800's were dying quite young or living to a ripe old age.


I am writing a little article - or should I say I am obliged to write one within the next two weeks - on the Manx Church - history, preachers etc for The Reader magazine. I would be most interested to hear from anyone with stories to tell.

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I have added 25 new 360 degree panoramas of famous TT vantage points to the TT link on the website. I have 11 more being processed and need to take a few more shots to complete the circuit.


You can take a look at: http:/www.virtualiom.com/tt_tour.php






Your link took me to microsoft!, but i copied and pasted the link and its a very nice site.



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