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Chinese Takeaways

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Where do you guys think is the best chinese takeaway on the island?


Being a southerner I've gotta say that I do enjoy food from PSM, however I also love the City Cottage in douglas :)


I try to keep away from the one in port erin, can't recall its name??



Which chinese should be crowned king?

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I think the Sugar pot in Pt Erin sux big time. :D


I am sure its all pre-cooked and when you order they just throw it in the Microwave.




PSM is ok.


Might give the one in Castletown a a shot.

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Fried beef with green pepper in black bean sauce from the New Hong Kong gets my vote.


Although Charlie from the New World, RIP, was a dab hand at all things Chinese!

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Nuther vote for the Laughing Buddha from me - Mandarin is great if you can get past the smell when you park up and wonder over.

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Used to be the New World cos it rocked...but they changed chef and it wasn't as good as the stuff from the Golden Gate in Willaston, it really is top notch, although when they opened after the refurb i had to wait for an hour for my food..but it was worth it.

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