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I love CG's Curiosities DVDs, they really are interesting and you can't knock his enthusiasm for his subject. I also have IOM from the Air, it was a present one Xmas some years ago and made me very homesick! The Shore sounds like another one to have, thanks for the recommendation Grum.


I would also like to get the DVDs showing the IOM during the height of the toursim. I am assuming a lot of footage will be shot in the 60s, a time I remember very well! The beach was "pink with people", you couldn't walk in a straight line along the prom (wait for Lonan 3 to interject that that is still the case now) and places like Rushen Abbey were just buzzing!


Shame, but things do change. In a way, I feel quite privileged to have seen the Island at its tourist peak.


In his saturday show, Chris Williams plays some old IOM ads, one of which extols the Island's 7 (I think) resorts. I have tried to name them, but could only come up with the obvious Douglas, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Peel and Ramsey. Does anyone else know where the other two may be? Would they be Port Soderick (was it ever really a resort rather than somewhere to go for a day?) and Laxey?

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So 'The Shore' was boring...why, because it was about the Manx shoreline, featuring lots of fascinating and articulate people and beautiful photography?   Isle of Man from the Air - what..you expect

I thought the IOM from the air was a brilliant program

I see we're dredging up the archives from 9 years ago

In 'the Shore' there is a bloke being interviewed about ship wrecks around the Island and he tell Charles Guard -


"...... with the Isle of Man's position in the Irish sea it does tend to get in the way of ships....."


Classic line. :lol:

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I found both the Curiosites of the Isle of Man videos a good watch but i have to recommend the 'Manx Mines and Minerals' a very interesting insite to how the poor miners of the past made a living and the plan inside the sleeve of the Ol' mine works show just how vast the laxey mine was, It is truely worth 90 mins of your time :)

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In his saturday show, Chris Williams plays some old IOM ads, one of which extols the Island's 7 (I think) resorts. I have tried to name them, but could only come up with the obvious Douglas, Port Erin, Port St Mary, Peel and Ramsey. Does anyone else know where the other two may be? Would they be Port Soderick (was it ever really a resort rather than somewhere to go for a day?) and Laxey?


Is one of them Howstrake Holiday camp?


There used to be a camp at Castletown where boy scouts used to come and stay (i think)

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I bought Happy Holidays No 1 for my Mum (because most of the footage was from her era as a girl) and No 3 for me (because ditto) and watched both today. No 1 was interesting, but the commentary was pure BBC English with no regard for correct Manx pronunciation. Nee-ar-bile for Niarbyl etc.


Just watched No 3 (because in the time honoured tradition, Xmas evening TV is crap; no Zulu or Great Escape!). It was wonderful and I would recommend it for a spell of nostalgia for those of a certain age!


It showed Port Soderick just as I remember as a kid, complete with the paddling pool that is now almost completely covered by stones washed up over numerous winters of neglect. Rushen Abbey Gardens was also featured with the strawberries and whipped cream that we would only have as a rare treat!


It also showed Glen Wyllen which I only went to a few times as a kid, mainly for school outings and, I think, once on the train, but I do remember it as being a very special place. If asked, that was always where I wanted to go to, but never made it there more than two or three times.


There was footage of the Douglas carnival. Now, that was an event! You had to get there really early to get anywhere near the edge of the prom pavement to see the floats, all of which, if I remember, made ample use of hydrangeas for decoration - there couldn't have been a bush in the whole island that still had its flower heads on at carnival time! I also had the pleasure of being Miss Muffett in one carnival (about 1965 or so), perched on the roof of a VW Beetle eating my curds and whey, which was actually a bowl full of spoonable sweets! (There is probably a picture somewhere of me with a finger firmly planted up my nose, 'cos that's what you do!)

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We saw the Ghosts and Legends DVD - it was awful - a completely and laughably amateur production which bascially consisted of pointing a camera at two or three men talking - with only one of them being miked up (so we were continually turning the volume up and down on our TV set). At one point we even see the back of someone's head at the bottom of the screen as he makes his own film with his camcorder. By the end of the DVD we were in stitches - it was just so badly made!


Actually I think it will become a classic because it is so badly put together. Borrow a copy and settle down for a side splitting hour - do not pay £15 unless you want to throw your money away.


The tragedy is that having just been on a ghost tour of Castletown, the DVD does no justice to the stories or the atmosphere. As it gains in notoriety it will also give the impression that the Isle of Man as a whole is a joke - only a matter of time before it makes its way on to one of those Angus Deaton type programmes. By the way I'm sure the Castle Mona hotel manager will not be pleased to see his staff on film letting the host into an occupied room while the occupant is out and unaware!


Not currently living on the island we have a large number of videos and DVDs of the island. Usually they are really well done. Manx Trains and Trams is good, and 'An island of contrasts' is also. I actually like Isle of Man from the Air. Shame we couldn't get Charles Guard to do a ghosts and legends one!

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I would love to see one of manx scandals, now that would be well worth watching.


I find most of the manx films good, yeah they can be a bit slow at times but still nice to see certain things you didn't know about.


Knowledge is power after all.

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The last two I bought were just as bad. 'Curiosties of the Isle of Man' and the even worse 'Isle of Man from the Air' (which I didn't even get to the end of, it was that bad).



I just got given a VHS Copy of the From The Air program and I found it Very Fascinating. I don't understand how you found it being Bad. It goes over how the History of Aviation which includes the History of WW2 and how the Island was used as a RAF Training Base and that there are several Old Airfields about other than Ronaldsway. It goes over the B17 Crash that was the Worst Air Crash in Man's History claiming 31 Lives of American Servicemen.


It also goes over the Histories of several Old Forts some of which were Built during the Civil Wars and shows one Star Fort that the Loyalists held during the Loyalist Last Stand. It was a Fort that other than Rushin Castle that held out again the Parliamentarian Forces.


There is also a Story that any Green Party Member might like to know about and that was how Nuclear and Chemical Weapons and Waste was dumped into at Huge Submarine Trench North of our Man between Ireland & Scotland and that how the Toxic Waste has been Disturbed and some of it has actually ended up washing up on the Beaches of our Man.


Of course, it goes into how the Natural Erosion Processes of Man has causes a lot of the North Coasts is being Eroded away to the East and being deposited into the Irish Sea. From that part, I know that our Corrin's Hill along with Peel Hill will one day (albeit many Millennial from now) will end up washed away into the Irish Sea.


They also go into a fascinating History of how a lot of Man was Formed and Shaped by the Ancient Glaciers 10s of Thousands of Year ago.


I have found the Program Fascinating and have watched into over and over again in order to Memorize the Academic Histories of the Program.




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