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Human Rights

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I should know, I have a spent record and I've been security vetted with no problems. Apart from the conviction that magically appeared out of nowhere which I had a bit of a battle to get them agree that it was nothing to do with me so they took it off.


Were you an old time burglar, murderer or an international drug smuggler?


Would you prefer to go back to the good old times instead of being a Mod?

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The Job was for a labourer at the new prison site, the request for the applicant to sign away his rights to have is personal records kept secret is not clearly explained on the form. Mistakes can be made by disclosure of information an example being, A electrician from the Island was excluded from visiting Florida due to his wife putting on the waiver form that he had been fined for breaking a window over 15 years ago, under the act this information does not need to be given.

Ans is quite right in saying its for a type of job, but this has to be explained on the application forms as not all jobs come under the vetting process



Anyone who works on the new prison has to sign the official secrets act, even labourers. I know people who are working on site that have been on the other side of a prison wall.

The government have probably got all the relevant information on what they have to put on the forms anyway.

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Having had to sign the OSA twice i was given the info that the OSA applies to everyone, signed or not, and that signing was merely to draw your attention to the act to prevent the" i didnt know guv" defense.


Could be out of date now, i was told this in the 70's by RAF security.

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