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Mf Spotting...


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Mission this morning getting a bacon bap and I even got a " Hi " after breaking my neck to look up :P


Tearz yesterday morning, sorry no cup of tea this morning ( do some washing up :P )


Declan wandering around B&Q on Saturday ;)


Princey in the car this morning LMAO


Anyone else spotted anyone or think they have?

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Anyone else spotted anyone or think they have?


You seem to reckon you spotted me and my friends but didnt even bother to say HI!




Yes I did LOL - Hard to miss a bunch of Scottish girls in pink t-shirts and cow boy hats :P


I'm a shy person :lol:, my " hello " to Mission was very mince LMAO.

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met - GIRL89 (Lovely lady, and Friend - YEY) :hug:

met - TEARZ (Outside Venue)

met - UNI (Outside Venue)

seen - MISSION (in his shop)

seen - RHUMSAA (everywhere, and his beard)

met - 2005 (Full-on! Fridays)

seen - DESPERATE DAN (maybe have a pic somewhere, Full-On! Fridays)

met - CHEBOBS (he's my bro you know)

met - WiLDDOG (on t'internet cam, MFlive!)

met - DETTYBOO (Shes my sis, dont hiss) :hug:

seen - GOD FATHER OF MANX HOUSE (I opened the door for him at breeze)

met - DR FISH (At Electrofresh, and coversed in the lounge)

met - BUSBY (Full-on! Fridays, Honourary Uncle)

met - SHES WITH THE BAND (First Electrofresh I went to, Greeted by this lovely crazy lady)

met - CYBERKID (a m8)

met - 2ORANGEY4CROWS (Full-on! Fridays, Honourary sister)

met - THE MO BEATS EXPERIENCE (Electrofresh)

met - THE KITTY (parties, and Full-On! Fridays)

met - DJ DENZEL (Full-On! Fridays)

met - DONTLOOKBEHINDYOU (Ex Colleague)

met - K.OS THEORY (The Lounge, talked about The TRAPDOOR)

met - BOBBARLEY (Flatm8 and Colleague)

met - CRET (Colleague)

met - SQUEEK (School m8, Full-on! Fridays)

seen - MR SAUSAGES (I was a bit worse for wear at Venue closing party)

met - RICH (College m8)

met - ROCK (outside Venue)


More, Im sure...


(how crap, it wouldnt allow 6 hugs emoticons!!!)


now you are just showing off! lol

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