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Mf Spotting...


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She is to be congratulated on her skills of obstruction, and perhaps I'm sure the chortle you emitted amusingly cartoonlike too so a good 'two hit combo' there really.


I'm now in the process of disguising my appearance again.... :)

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I am very sorry Mr Cret :( I shall randomly try to get under someone else's feet next time in my act of trying to get my salad.


Not at all. In fact it was done with the deftness of perhaps a trigger happy tv stunt. Would be a nice touch I think though if there's some innocent style whistling at the same time. Perhaps a banana skin dropped too as a secondary attack. :D


However as my darling bastard boyfriend has kindly embrassed me I would like to check that you did in fact notice his balding head and grey under lip facial fuzz?


How could I not? :ph34r:

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