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Whose Still In Work This Afternoon?

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Still at work? I haven't even started.... Kinda like nightshifts at this time of the year - saves you having to endure all the christmas-madness and the musical assault in strand street...

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I've been off since last friday, and I'm not back in until the 3rd of January.


Does that help at all?




I finished last friday as well, and i don't go back until.............................oh never! HAHA - the life of the unemployed ahhhhhhhh, think i might just go and have a dip in the pool now, it's got a little hot and i need to refresh myself as lying in the sun and having to pick up a glass so i can drink is very hard work you know


Merry Xmas y'all



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I'm in today, not sure how long for. It's absolutely deserted in the street at the moment, very eerie.

Wait for tomorrow morning - was working last christmas eve (24th to 25th in the morning, 8 til 8 nightshift in a 24/7 business) - Douglas was DEAD - you could literally lie on the prom and sleep - no danger of being run over by anything - very eerie....

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Heh, I've just been treated to the sight Joseph leading Mary on a donkey (yep, a real live one) down the street (both ways) and a procession of carol singers. Now the town band are belting out Christmas numbers too.


Oh, and everyone is happy, now it feelslike Christmas - only missing the snow.



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