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The Truth Behind 9/11


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ok so it seems we have come to the end of the discussion on this thread so i'd just like to summarise what has been discussed.



FACT: FEMA was in New York Semptemebr 10th.



FACT: Odigo workers recieved warnings of the 9/11 attacks.



FACT: There were bombs in the WTC buildings.



FACT: The Office of Emergency Management issued a collapse warning to a select few people.



FACT: Giuliani was warned of the collapse.



FACT: Five Israelis danced as they watched the towers burn.



FACT: 800 degree C+ did NOT exist in either of the twin towers.



FACT: The core of WTC 1 failed BELOW the third floor.



FACT: An explosion was heard on flight 93.



FACT: The secret service were not concerned about the safety of the President.



FACT: The President was in no hurry to leave Booker Elementary School



FACT: 8 minutes before the pentagon crash flight 77 was tracked by radar as it closed to

within 30 miles of Washington, therefore the location was known, therefore it could have been intercepted



FACT: Dick Chenet left Washington undefended on 9/11



FACT: The White House staff started taking Cipro on 9/11



FACT: And finally, the BBC knew that WTC7 was going to collapse 25 minutes before it did actually collapse.



as the BBC said, "the facts dont support a conspiracy". Bollocks! The facts dont support the official story and thats

why the BBC had to do a programme to try and dismiss the true facts of the day, which is why they left out most of the above mentioned FACTS and concentrated on the trivial matters, like the mysterious "pancake theory" (even though they had to slow the footage down to 1/10th of real time).


Now everybody should look at this post and follow the links and maybe, at last, some of you might see whats been going on. But hey, don't take my word for it, please take a look for yourself.

If anybody wants to contradict any of this then please do so, i am open to alternative theories but please post genuine links to back up your theory and dont just speak the absolute bull biscuits i've already heard, which is obvious official spin used by the people who don't want you finding out what really happened!

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but please post genuine links to back up your theory


All your links seem to be from the same conspiracy theory website. Just because you read it on the internet, doesn't make it true you know.


Many people have asked multiple times for the one piece of irrefutable evidence that cannot be contradicted or open to interpretation. Many people have been disappointed by the complete failure of anyone to do so.


You all seem to scream 'FAAAAACTSSSS' when every one of your 'facts' can be viewed another way. I've read each of them in your post, and they all, without exception, fail to deliver hard evidence, merely preferring to present questions. I really can't be bothered wasting any more time with them to debunk them individually, I already did that by wasting time reading them. They're all stories on a low-fact diet.


Edit: People who use 'FACT' are generally liars. FACT!

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Edit: People who use 'FACT' are generally liars.

Same as those people who keep jumping in when you offer the slightest agreement to their assertions, with "EXACTLY!.... exactly!"


When they do that to me I always wished I'd kept my mouth shut because I simply don't want to have anything like a similar view point as them, let alone an exact one.

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Yes ans all the links are to the same website, but as you and me both know, i could have got the same information from any number of different sites. But all the links within the articles are to "credible" sources such as The Independant, The Times, Yahoo etc. or are all these conspiracy websites too ans?

ans you have alreay tried to debunk most of the facts i've come up with. i seem to remember you posting a while back saying FEMA wasnt in New York on September 10th. That is why i've made it nice and simple for you, i've posted a link to a video interview with the FEMA spokesman saying, in no uncertain terms, that FEMA were in New York September 10th.

And yes ans i know that just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true, but neither does reading it in a jewspaper or watching BBC news (although i wouldnt mind watching the grand national this year, BBC may tell us the winner 25 mins early :lol: ). But i would read the internet long before i paid attention to the MSM, because as we already know with Hitler, MSM is the greatest propeganda TOOL a government have at thier disposal. Which is why, i;m sorry to say, that it is we the people who are going to get blamed for this. When i look back at Hitker's Germany i think why did the people of Germany not do anything, why was Hitler allowed to carry on? It was because of the propeganda. which is why the people of today, me and you, will be the civilisation that just stood around and let the governments of today lie to us. They blatantly lied to us to go to war in Iraq and Afganistan, that has been proved! So why is it so hard to understand that they have lied to us about 9/11?

Remember, it will be we the people who get blamed!

And Puppet, no, theories aren't facts, but you do need the facts to come to your theory!

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But all the links within the articles are to "credible" sources such as The Independant, The Times, Yahoo etc. or are all these conspiracy websites too ans?




...just because you read it on the internet doesn't make it true, but neither does reading it in a jewspaper or watching BBC news


Man, you are just defeating yourself by talking. <_<

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lmao @ slinky. just because i dont read these papers doesn't mean that at some point they haven't said things that are true, my point is that they are NOW following the official story, contradicting themselves on things they reported before!! Funny then, that people like the BBC should now just 'lose' the footage of that eventful day.

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[hi crozza we are diffrent people


i call them all jewspapers simply because of who owns them and it rhymes .if you consider that 99 percent off the mainstrem media on the planet is under the control off aprox five people. then theres hollywood who tend to spin history to order

whoever owns the media controls all info

except for the blunders like the bbc banned video


im not racist in any way ( i got the scar )



me put a post togeter like stevie lol i wish

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And the debate goes on...


Stevie thanks for the links, Im an interested party in this kind of thing - Its information i have seen frequently on a various number of sites/programs and links - However its definately a case of each to their own on this one...


You do know some people will never want to see the world in through your perspective though, no matter how clear you try to make your point - any 'other point of view/theory' is often conspiracy and therefor nonsense... check out for ideas as to why some of us are more open to 'other' ideas



Its was mr Anotn Wilson who said that the truth is both maleable and pliable - Im with him on that!


From what I have seen read and discussed about 9/11 some people knew, some people helped, some people gained and others went to war - you fill in who and why....


'Truth (ergo fact) is often in the eye of the beholder'...

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