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Creme Eggs


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The bars are great Minxie - if you like the eggs - you'll like the bars.


I beg to differ Mish-mash my old bean. The bars are a poor substitute for the egg. The whole point of a cream egg is the conundrum surrounding eating it, how to get through the shell in to the cremey lovliness inside without dribbling it down your chin and getting it all over your face. The answer to the phase "How do you eat yours?" is now "Well, I just brake a bit off and pop it in my mouth. That's all there is to it!" Which is just plain wrong. The bar is just another chocolate bar with some sticky, sweet filling.


Eating the bar is like buying a kinder egg and chucking the toy away.

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Yeah they were selling the bars in our union shop before i came back, i bought one and it cost me 60p....now i'm fairly sure i could get a creme egg for less than that. Turns out the average price for one of the bars is about 50p....just proves to me that the union shop is run by robbing gits.


The bars aren't as good as the eggs, purely because there is no interest in eating it, you just eat it like any other "dairy milk" bar. Also Josie was right, the fondant to chocolate ratio is completely wrong.

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