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  2. It's not a club. It's a graveyard of lost arguments....
  3. Bullshit. Changing their status and withdrawing their lifeline didn't send any messages to all and sundry? Are you for real? As to expecting the Argentinians to behave "honourably" they read the signs correctly and acted on them. The only "dishonourable" act of the conflict was the sinking of the Belgrano. Thatcher kept claiming the Belgrano was moving to intercept the Task Force when, in fact, it was headed the other way! It took whistleblower Clive Ponting to bring the truth out into the open. Tell you what though Roger. You keep kissing the arse of the lying heartless bitch and I'll keep living in Reality Land...
  4. Yesterday
  5. So you got a dose of the living conditions Thatcher's policies imposed on how many of her citizens she had s duty of care for? Didn't teach you any humility towards them though, did it Rog?
  6. Hate to burst your bubble sunshine but I haven’t been on IOM today for over a fortnight. Bit like this forum, multi posters but they are the same person Could you also clarify how I visited today but have been banned from there. Finally, nothing in your post has anything to do with the topic... pot kettle black?
  7. But that post in itself is a wind up is it not ?
  8. Poacher to gamekeeper then ? Well done, So why did you not post about the timetable then, instead of commenting on other posters ? Surely the whole point of an open forum is for anyone to say whatever they feel about what is being talked about and by whom ?
  9. If that's not worthy of inclusion to the 'Testing Testing' thread I don’t know what is! Welcome to the exclusive club. Completely correct on all counts.
  10. Exactly the same thing happened when Neil Down frequented the comment sections of IoM today. The incessant, pointless and provocative verbiage of that poster had the same effect on that platform. Didn't it Neil? Weren't you eventually banned from there? Just like his mate, dilligaf, the compulsion to comment on thread's he really knows nothing about, nor has any real interest in, verges on the neurotic, resulting in any thread descending into farce. Just like as this thread and many, many others. It's a distractive-nuisance and should be properly dealt with by the mods, if they can be bothered.
  11. I doubt most people get insulted anywhere else to be honest. Just by crotchety old men who think the fact that they think they’re anonymous gives them the right to be obnoxious to others.
  12. You didn’t, I have a long memory...
  13. Correct English and the way you use it are poles apart...
  14. I would imagine you have been insulted in better places than this, so don't blame you flouncing out.
  15. Didn't say it wasn't - but then so is my alternative. As always with these surveys you need to look at how it was conducted and who answered. The methodology I have found is interesting: So it's a reputable pollster and a decent sample in total, but the individual sample for any one country can be quite small. This may explain why the Island and the Channel Islands haven't been included before - there just weren't enough people replying from here and it could also explain some of the odder details and the variability in some of the polls. A sample of 100 really isn't enough to guarantee anything like an accurate result. And it's only 'the best place' for expats, not all the population. In truth it may not make a lot of difference somewhere like here, but there may be a lot somewhere that is generally poorer.
  16. Thanks PK, my bad for having a go at Teapot. The other chump though...
  17. I really don’t need to hang around to be trolled by pathetic people who are clearly using more than one account to bully posters they don’t like. Good night.
  18. Manglish is an English-based pidgin or creole language spoken in Malaysia so that would be incorrect.
  19. When you get to school in the morning, have your teacher show you how to switch your laptop/iPad/pc off
  20. @Neil Down As it's clearly user error I think you're owed an apology by Gizo and Teapot. Not that I expect you'll get one....
  21. I don’t need to dream - your obnoxious behaviour is clear for all to see. I really don't know what drives some people to post on this forum half the time. It must just be to vent anger and frustration at failed ambitions a lot of the time as it seems that those who have the most time to waste online by their posting tally seem to be the worst offenders.
  22. That's not English it's Manglish....
  23. You’re clutching at straws just to try to justify your obnoxious behaviour to be honest.
  24. It’s not incoherent. It’s written in English. Do you have difficulty understanding the queens English? You also seem to be quite aggressive and horrible to be honest. There really is no need to be such an odious prick. I thought most of us came on here just to discuss current affairs and the news. Not be total arseholes to each other.
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