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  2. That's exactly what I was always taught also! Up to Douglas, down to Ramsey.
  3. Please point me at all this first rate Isle of Man content being produced with almost no money.
  4. Hmmm, not so sure. Nothing wrong with the principle of private provision as you say, but presumably on the IOM this would end up being a monopoly provider able to hold the entire population (other than those who could afford to go elsewhere) to ransom. As you say, if criteria were set correctly and met all should be fine, but we're not really that good at it are we? Have to agree on the questionable teeth and drive of medial unions locally also. I'll admit I don't know a lot about what they do here, but what I do know about the RCN & MNC in terms of supporting those on the front line hasn't impressed me - maybe I've missed the good bits!?
  5. woody2


    they should see what's happened to catalonia and take the hint..........
  6. woolley


    Did you see that poster at the SNP conference that proudly announced "Leading the World"? Wonderful! On a par with Gordon Broon's announcement to Parliament that he'd "saved the world", but at least his hyperbole was a genuine mistake.
  7. My posts are based on pure logic, not art. Well, most of them.
  8. I think dan has a degree in economics or something similar. Having a degree etc is of course a perfect indicator of ability as you can see from most of the Tory ranks! Absolutely none of them are nice but dim.......
  9. Pongo, you're like a dog with a bone on this. I have a bit more sympathy than I used to have, but I still think you're at least 20 years early. Also, the infrastructure to deliver online is going to need a lot of work and investment if you are proposing to transfer all the current broadcast output/consumption onto it. It will be capacity and power hungry. It's inefficient, not a bit environmentally friendly, and on another thread you were telling us we should be making more use of public transport! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-45798523 https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/news/internet-tv-and-mobile-video-watching-threaten-to-make-energy-demands-soar I also think that you throw the baby out with the bathwater to some degree. When listening to traditional radio or viewing tv, whether spoken word or music, you are exposed to new concepts that you haven't encountered before without effort or conscious decision on your part. You turn it on, it's there. You may hear a new tune you like played on a radio station and decide to explore that artist's work further. With streaming, people tend to go for the familiar. An artist they like. A film with an established director or actor they are into. You choose upfront what you see or hear. How many people are going to select your brilliant new Manx content online? At its best, radio puts surprising and interesting content into people's cars and homes that they wouldn't otherwise experience and without the individual's intervention.
  10. Well of course it was, he can't get a slot back on Radio now the jingles are all done, best keep him on the inside.
  11. You need to go into a dark room and lie down for a while
  12. I saw that. Will be interesting to see what’s next for the dept and him - nudge, nudge ..........
  13. But to my mind it is as this forum seems to have an issue with several professional trolls who are only on here to troll and abuse but then it only seems to block the people who argue with them. I thought this forum almost closed due to trolls not long ago so it seems odd to me that it actively seems to support the trolling activities of several people who have clearly been on here for years and who seem to hardly never get stopped from their trolling as the people they target seem to get culled instead.
  14. finlo

    Rob Callister

    It's because they have paid there subscription's?
  15. Because when you have pages of tit for tat over several threads it probably isn’t worth the effort of working out who started it.
  16. That is correct so why does the person clearly being trolled have their account suspended and not the troll? It seems to me that this forum actively protects its trolls despite having locked the forum down due to trolls about 18 months ago if I remember the news reports at the time correctly. It’s most odd to be honest.
  17. Odd you keep on replying despite saying you’re not responding. But you vouched for his ability to do the job so I’d like you to outline his qualifications which, according to you, make him ideal for the job please. That should be easily given how brilliant and well qualified you have said he is.
  18. Getting into a slanging match with him is not “refusing to be trolled”. It’s being trolled.
  19. finlo

    Manx Radio

    Yep, the £100,000+ yearly trouser stuff needs rebooting.
  20. FFS . Ask him for his resume. He is easy to talk to and would be pleased to help you . Get over yourself FFS.
  21. Perhaps it was to remind the government his contract needs sorting.
  22. Neil Down


    Yet still they go on unhindered
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