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  2. Some of the comments to the article are better value than the goods...
  3. I've bought some crap in my time, and been bought it too, as my three extendable back scratchers will testify. But even I will not be buying this, I'm sorry. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49105&headline=Tinned Manx air for sale&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
  4. "targeted civilians in a widespread and systematic manner" https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/jun/18/the-saudis-couldnt-do-it-without-us-the-uks-true-role-in-yemens-deadly-war
  5. We have a KETER shed from B&Q and it's so full of crap it will never blow away. Chose it as it's the zero maintenance option.
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  7. Circa £500k was what I was hearing in my locality, Derek. And that obviously on top of the £475k purchase price.
  8. @woolley care to respond to my question in relation to your assertion?
  9. If you think people in England are bad you should try explaining where the IOM is to people in Canada. I had a bank statement from there addressed to me at "Isle of Man, British Virgin Islands". I suppose they thought that was close enough.
  10. Well yes! But then when did people in England ever know where the IOM is!
  11. I bought an off the shelf shed from B&Q which is a little flimsy but does the job. It has a tendency to blow away rather alarmingly in strong winds so I weighed it down with a load of breeze blocks inside. Previously I bought a shed from across and had it delivered by Island Express, because that worked out cheaper than buying it on island
  12. Wait a minute - we're not part of the UK...?
  13. Hello, to kick off my MF posting and get to know forum members I see this has been posted this morning by IOM Newspapers. So who do we think it will be?
  14. It’s very strange that now they have it they seem to have no idea what to do with it.
  15. I agree that the EU is a modern construct, however, the European people are not. I stand by my assertion that the "British" are not as isolated and homogeneous as you make out. I stand by my assertion that if your argument is sovereignty then the nations which make up the UK should also have a right to a sovereign Government rather than being ruled over by Westminster. I find it interesting that many who campaigned against Scotland leaving the UK also campaigned for the UK to leave the EU. Don't even get me started on those who said that if Scotland left the UK it would have to leave the EU which was not in its interests... There is so much hypocrisy and personal power plays going on that the interests of the general population are being forgotten and trampled on.
  16. yeah sod human life, nothing worse than delays to the race programme.
  17. We have been failing them for as long as I can remember. The issues start at social care. It is underfunded, and understaffed, and certainly up to a couple of years ago, had a high turnover of staff. Social care, when properly structured, has the ability to do great things. When it doesn’t, it can’t pick up the problem people that see-saw between MH services (also understaffed) and the police - who end up using needed capacity to fill the gap. I've seen some utter tragedies in my time with young people. We can, and must do better.
  18. The right people are behind it - esp Georgie Revill who is immensely driven, but I can’t see them achieving what they want for less than £200k. And raising that on crowdfunding in under 12months is hugely ambitious- unless they have a major benefactor lined up. as long as it washes its face now, and no longer burdens the ratepayer, everyone wins.
  19. mad_manx

    Car Leasing

    From my research it seems to be correct.Also the home electric bill would get cheaper as you end up on a lower tariff ( at off peak hours)
  20. Insurance becomes expensive and prohibitive if you have those year on year costs for a family
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  22. Yeah...Dennis Skinner.
  23. What fresh hell is this? A TV show is a series of broadcasts (or streams...) which is often broken down into an annual collection of episodes which consitutes a season. How difficult can this be?
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